Nothing But the Best for All Your Transit Planning and Ridership Forecasting Needs

Have you been looking for a transit planning tool that:

  • accurately forecasts transit ridership and accessibility at the individual route and stop level?
  • accurately predicts changes in transit ridership due to changes in socio-economic characteristics of your area?
  • allows you to precisely determine the impacts of service changes on stop-level ridership and transit performance?
  • helps you test alternative route configurations to best meet the transit needs of your area?
  • is interfaced with the ArcGIS package for powerful network coding, visualization, database management, and analysis capabilities?
  • is completely menu-driven and very user-friendly?
  • If you answered YES to any one of the questions above, then T-BEST is for you. T-BEST is a stop-level Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool that serves as a comprehensive transit planning system. Its menu-driven structure and powerful ArcGIS interface make it the ideal tool for planning and analyzing transit systems.