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I am working with GTFS data of India, Is it possible to use the the TBSET for other countries.
Posted by Hazrat Rezai
Asked on October 17, 2019 6:27 pm

Hi. In order to configure TBEST to use GTFS from India, you will need to assemble the base socio-economic data from your local area and convert it into TBEST format. TBEST uses U.S. Census block geography and demographic attributes, 5-Year American Community Survey block group attributes, and LEHD employment as input. You will need to convert local data into the TBEST data formats. The data input configuration for US areas is documented in the Socio-Economic Data Configuration guide published by FDOT at the following URL: I would suggest that you review the configuration guide and resulting TBEST input databases to evaluate the level of effort to convert local India datasets into the TBEST format. Additionally, TBEST requires the input spatial projection to be in linear feet so you must find a local projection system to meet this requirement. If you decide to move forward with the effort, keep us posted on your progress. Thanks, Rodney Bunner

Posted by rodbunner
Answered On October 18, 2019 8:04 am