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Implementing TBEST outside of Florida, processes, examples and contacts.
Posted by jabunch
Asked on May 19, 2016 10:55 am

In general, the out-of-state TBEST configuration process is to format the core TBEST socio-economic data for the target service area. This includes Census 2010 block geography with SF1 attributes, 5-Year ACS block group/tract attributes, address level employment or local zonal employment data, and parcel data which matches the TBEST data attribute schema. Network data would be input as a direct GTFS import or through the network coding environment inside of TBEST. At present, FDOT does not publish exact data configuration procedures as it would vary between local TBEST implementations and the Florida core TBEST socio-economic data is already pre-configured for use within the state by the TBEST team to minimize in-state agency TBEST start-up time and support continued data maintenance. The TBEST User Guide does provide some details on data sources and the exact data schemas are available for user inspection with any TBEST installation. Several agencies outside of Florida are in various stages of TBEST implementation including UTA (Salt Lake), Nashville MTA, RVTD (Medford) and others. The TBEST team has assisted these agencies with implementation and we would recommend that you contact us for implementation outside of Florida as our team has the experience to quickly and correctly configure TBEST using available local and national data sources. In addition, the TBEST developers at ServiceEdge Solutions (SES) have calibrated an alternate model structure to the default TBEST Land Use Model 2016 structure installed with TBEST. The SES TBEST model structure was calibrated for dense urban areas and does not require parcel data as an input. The non-reliance on parcel data reduces the initial data collection burden on the implementing agency. This model structure has been implemented at several agencies including UTA and Nashville MTA and is available to agencies who enter into a TBEST implementation service agreement with the company. The level of effort for the TBEST team to setup the software for out-of-state users varies based on parcel data availability, size of the agency, GTFS availability, etc. but generally can be completed in under 80 hours. The TBEST Team members contact information can be found on the TBEST website at:

Posted by rodbunner
Answered On May 19, 2016 10:58 am