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I am trying to build a test case of TBEST in Maryland. We have GTFS data, centerline road data, TAZ socio economic data, and parcel land use files. What we don't have is Parcel data with number of employees and sic codes, or pop, hh, etc. details. Have others outside of Florida that may not have the detailed parcel data implemented TBEST? Did they create synthetic parcel data files, or address this issue in some other manner? Does TBEST 4.1 versus 4.2 make a difference given the new models in 4.2? Can contacts be shared?
Posted by jabunch
Asked on May 19, 2016 10:55 am

TBEST 4.1 should only be used if you are stuck using ArcGIS 10.1. RVTD and Nashville had TBEST compatible parcel land use database structures that were updated with TBEST fields for land use code, internal building sq. ft., parcel population, dwelling units and parcel area. In the absence of a compatible parcel dataset, synthesizing parcels outside of TBEST is a possible strategy for implementation. In addition, the TBEST Parcel Editor could be used to generate parcels or distinctly add them around transit stops given that the user knows the land use patterns at each location. In my other post on this topic I mentioned that ServiceEdge Solutions has developed a TBEST model that does not require parcel data. It may be a cost-effective option for you to contact them about utilizing this model on your Maryland test case.

Posted by rodbunner
Answered On May 19, 2016 11:17 am