FTA Title VI Disparate Analysis

Transit agencies implementing a major service change are required by FTA to perform a disparate analysis to determine if the service change creates a disproportionate impact to disadvantaged groups including minority and low income populations.  To address this requirement, TBEST provides the Title VI Disparate Analysis Workflow Support Tool which is designed to quickly evaluate major service changes for disparate impacts and provide relevant summary information.  This wizard-driven tool accepts as inputs a baseline scenario network, a service change scenario network and service area base socio-economic conditions.  In addition, users input the threshold percent for disparate impact which can be consistent with the FTA 4/5ths Rule or defined based on local Title VI disparate impact policies. From the inputs, TBEST will utilize FTA “people trips” methodology determine if the service change created a disparate impact and provide results notification and summary information within the Title VI Disparate Analysis Dashboard.  The Dashboard summarizes the Weekday, Saturday and Sunday disparate analysis results with easily understandable graphic reporting including high-level analysis results, detailed summary tables and interactive mapping. TBEST provides a route-level disparate impact assessment the Dashboard allows easy export of the analysis data into the ESRI ArcMap environment.

 If route-level disparate impact assessment is necessary, TBEST provides a detailed comparative assessment of service change impacts on minority and low income populations. 

The Title VI Disparate Analysis Workflow Support Tool does not evaluate disparate impacts of fare change.