Mobility Areas

The Mobility Areas toolset located on the TBEST Analysis Toolbar provide users with the ability to define a spatial context (such as a project area, corridor study area, transit system service area, high growth area, central business district, etc.) in which the user can utilize TBEST tools to evaluate transit service and socio-economic data within a defined area.  The TBEST Mobility Areas toolset facilitates users in evaluating unique geographies which may be served by traditional fixed route transit, shared mobility modes, other traditional modes (walk, bicycle, auto) or any user geography.

Mobility Area Tool Features:

  • The TBEST Mobility Areas toolset provides users with interactive ability to define and evaluate mobility areas including transit, walk, bike, wheelchair and drive sheds. Drive Paths are also created using the shortest path along the road network.
  • TBEST Mobility Areas toolset contains robust reporting including Transit Service, Transit Performance, Socio-Economic, and Land Use summaries within a defined mobility area.
  • Mobility Areas can be saved for application in multiple scenarios.
  • Mobility Areas can be utilized as a Transit System Service Area definitions or as input to TBEST market analysis, Title VI and other TBEST analysis tools.
  • The Mobility Toolbar provides tools to select routes and stops which intersect mobility area geometry, zoom to the mobility area extent, and remove the current mobility area.
  • Mobility Areas can be used in conjunction with the TBEST Query tool as a spatial filter to an attribute query. 

Mobility Area Type Menu.  List of Mobility Areas available to create within TBEST.  Users select a Mobility Area type and interact with the map or use the Market Shed from Transit Features tools to create a new mobility area.    

Distance/Time Selection Menu.  Input the distance in miles or time in minutes to create market sheds or feature buffers. 

Create Market Shed from Selected Features.  Generate walk, bicycle, auto and transit sheds + point and line buffers from selected fixed-route transit features (stops, route segments, routes).

Reports Menu.  Create reports which summarize the contents of the current mobility area including Mobility Area Service Reports, and Socio-Economic Summary and Land Use Summary reports

Example Transit, Bike and Drive Sheds in TBEST
Mobility Area Transit Service Report and Map