Parcel Land Use Editing

TBEST integration with detailed, parcel-based land use data provides planners with a robust baseline dataset for use in ridership estimation and market analysis.  The dataset represents recorded conditions consistent with the source year of the dataset.  TBEST provides tools to allow users to modify the baseline parcel data to represent expected land use patterns and distributions and store them as Parcel Scenarios.  With the implementation of Parcel Scenarios, TBEST meets the following functional objectives:

  • Provide agencies with the ability to modify the types and distribution of land use within the service area
  • Support the integration of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) or Developments of Regional Impact (DRI) land use modifications which will impact transit ridership
  • Provide user tools which are capable of modifying parcel locations/distributions to match future year conditions for modeling and analysis
  • Provide a managed parcel editing environment for simplistic integration with other TBEST functional elements and analysis engines including TBEST Scenarios, ridership estimation, market analysis, and network accessible market analysis.

Parcel Scenario development is supported by the TBEST Parcel Editor.  The Parcel Editor is a GIS-based interface for editing parcel locations, attributes, and densities allowing users to create a variety of land use distributions and test the implications on transit utilization.  Finally, the TBEST framework supports association of Parcel Scenarios with Network Scenarios to provide users with full analytical power to modify land use in conjunction with transit service distribution.