Interactive Reporting

Route Service Summary Report

The Route Service Summary Report summarizes route-level service variables, cost and operation characteristics for all routes or a selected set of routes.  Service can be summarized by Weekday, Saturday, Sunday or Annual service periods.  Weekday time-of-day summaries for AM Peak, Off Peak, PM Peak and Night are also available. The report also generates aggregate totals for all routes in the report.

Route Socio-Economic Report

The Route Socio-Economic Summary report summarizes population, household, employment, Title VI and income variables for all routes or a selected set of routes.  The report summarizes socio-economic conditions within a user-defined distance around transit route stops or segments.  To distinguish between service day socio-economic conditions, the report generates socio-economic summaries relative to in-service routes for Weekday, Saturday, Sunday and for All Service Periods.  The report also generates the aggregate socio-economic conditions for all routes within the report. 

Transit Performance

The TBEST reporting engine contains a variety of options for summarizing and comparing model ridership estimations, route performance measures, socio-economic data, network characteristics, and estimated implementation costs.  The reporting engine also works with transit agency automatic passenger count (APC) data to summarize observed ridership data.  TBEST also dynamically integrates reporting results into ridership maps and charts at stop, segment and regional levels. 

TBEST reporting contains the following features:

  • Performance Measures – Route, route pattern and system-level performance measures
  • Ridership Estimation – Route, route pattern, segment and stop-level ridership summaries
  • Map Output – Time-of-day ridership summary maps at the stop, segment and regional levels.  Map output includes stop-level ridership, segment band width, regional ridership and service distributions.

Scenario Summary Tool

The TBEST Scenario Summary Tool allows users to summarize model estimation, socio-economic data, performance measures, fleet estimates and route cost for either a single scenario or as a comparison between two scenarios.  Summarization occurs at the route- level and can be filtered to by specific route types or by individual route selections. 

Transit Development Plan (TDP) Annual Summary

Based on feedback from FDOT and research on TDP reporting both within the state of Florida and nationally, a TDP Summary Report was developed to organize and summarize key performance indicators by TDP goal area across multiple TBEST scenarios. This report streamlines the TDP ridership estimation reporting process by providing Agencies and FDOT with a single data view that represents the TBEST TDP modeling results.

Headway Report

The TBEST Route Headway Summary report displays the calculated directional route headway for each TBEST time period within the open scenario. For TBEST users, it is important to provide a headway value that is an aggregate of the total trips and service span within each time period.