Service Planning

The TBEST Route Service Summary is an interactive and detailed Service Planning tool to summarize route characteristics including route extent, service span, service levels, demographics and cost.

The Route Service Summary provides the following statistics:

  • Route Type
  • Service Hours for Weekday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Stop Served
  • Average Stop Spacing
  • Round Trip Length
  • Demographic Profile
  • Time of Day Statistics
    • Service Span
    • Trips
    • Headway
    • Travel Time
    • Speed
    • Estimated Vehicles
    • Average Layover (%)
    • Annual Revenue Hours
    • Annual Revenue Miles
    • Annual Route Cost

The Route Service Summary – Route Tools menu provides access to Maps, Schedules, Ridership, Operation Settings, Service Editing and the TBEST Route Evaluation Template.

Route Service Summary – Operations Settings

Input route-specific Operating Cost, Percent In-Service Layover and Vehicle Seats.  Updated Operating Cost and Layover values are reflected in the Route Service Summary totals.

Route Service Summary – Route Map

View Route alignment for Weekday, Saturday and Sunday service

Route Service Summary – Demographic and Land Use Maps

Create Route Population, Jobs, Land Use or Title VI demographic Maps within the TBEST Market Analysis Tool

Route Service Summary – Schedule

Open the Route Schedule which contains detailed vehicle trip arrival times at time points.  The schedule will reflect the integration of multiple route patterns by route direction and service day.

Route Service Summary – Estimated Ridership

The Estimated Ridership option under Ridership opens the Estimated Route Ridership Detail which summarizes TBEST ridership estimates by time period, Weekday and annualized.

Route Service Summary – Observed Ridership

The Observed Ridership From GTFS Import option under Ridership opens the Observed Route Ridership Detail which summarizes observed route boardings, alightings, performance, passenger miles,passenger trip length, and load ratios by time period, Weekday and annualized.

Route Service Summary – Observed Ridership Load Ratios

The Route Pattern Load Ratios provides a detailed summary of observed route pattern load ratios for each stop by time period

Route Pattern Service Editor

View Time Period service variables for each TBEST time period including:

  • Service Span (Hours)
  • Vehicle Headway (Minutes)
  • Vehicle Trips
  • Vehicle Travel Time (Minutes)
  • Vehicle Speed (MPH)
  • Remove Route Patterns
  • Access the Route Pattern Trip Editor

Route Pattern Trip Editor

  • Edit individual or ranges of route pattern vehicle trips
  • Edit vehicle speed and/or travel time by time of day
  • Select Route, Pattern and Service Day to modify trips

Route Pattern Trip Editor – Interactive Vehicle Trip Timeline

  • Click timeline to add/remove vehicle trips a specific times
  • Add trips at an interval
  • Remove or copy trips within the range
  • Zoom-in and scroll timeline
  • Statistics Panel displays visible Trip Totals (Zoom-in/Scroll to update)