Socio-Economic Data

TBEST users can create a new Transit System by referencing the appropriate source TBEST socio-economic data. For Florida users, socio-economic data has been developed on a statewide basis and can be accessed via download from within TBEST. The Socio- Economic data packages will contain population, employment and parcel land use data that has been formatted to work with TBEST. Socio-economic data is configurable for any location.  Data sources are utilized within the TBEST Ridership Estimation, Market Analysis, Network Accessibility Analysis, Title VI Toolset, and COA Toolset engines.

The following state-wide socio-economic datasets are available to Florida TBEST users:

  • Parcel Land Use Data – TBEST includes a 2015 parcel-level land use dataset derived from the Florida Department of Revenue parcel data. TBEST has been equipped to utilize land use data to calculate trip activity at the individual parcel level.
  • 2010 Census and American Community Survey Demographic Data – TBEST provides statewide Florida Socio-Economic data derived from the 2010 Census and 2012 – 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates.
  • Employment Data – TBEST provides statewide 2015 Florida Census block-level employment data is derived from LEHD and other employment data sources. In addition to LEHD data, TBEST also supports address-based (point) datasets and local, zonal (TAZ) employment datasets.