TBEST Training Resources

TBEST Training Resources

2023 Seminar Training

In November 2023, FDOT sponsored three two-day, in-person TBEST training workshops to provide transit planners with hands-on experience utilizing TBEST 4.8.

The computer-based training sessions introduced new TBEST 4.8 software features, provided guidance for validating the TBEST ridership forecasting model for use in Transit Development Plans (TDP’s) and provided overall TBEST application and management guidance to implementing transportation agencies. The downloadable Training Slides include training exercises which provide step-by-step instructions on how to utilize TBEST for many transit planning applications.

2021 Video Training

In November/December 2021, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Public Transit Office sponsored two-day, virtual training workshops to provide transit planners with hands-on experience using the Transit Boardings Estimation and Simulation Tool (TBEST) tool. This video training series instruct users on how to apply TBEST to support wide range of transit strategic and service planning activities including alternatives analysis for Transit Development Plans, Operational Analysis, Mobility-on-Demand Analysis and FTA Title VI reporting. The training also covers individual TBEST data development and analysis tools including GTFS import, ridership estimation, socio-economic and land use market analysis, network accessibility analysis, scenario network comparison and much more.